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Welcome to DIZARX!
Hi, I'm Arnold. This site is the only place where I was allowed to say a word. In our videos, I usually am silent ...But no, sometimes I still cry.

I think I'm lucky that the announcer did not want to spend his time talking about our super show. But I still have little time - this morning I was infected with cholera. So I'll hurry ... When I first saw the figure of 10 million views under my video, I thought that I had become popular and everyone adored me.

But it turned out - people just love tough experiments. In general, here you can see what they are doing to me. Take the children away from the screens;)
Meet Arnold
YouTube Achievement
The DIZARX team creates YouTube video products from the stage of idea to the final product.

These are not mechanical actions, but the fruitful work of our team, which charges each video with its energy.

If you are sure that you can give us some of your inspiration, we invite you to the DIZARX team!
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Our story
Arnold project appeared in 2017. At first a couple of people worked on it.

Now, our team consists of 15 best specialists.
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